Saturday, March 29, 2008

So we got kaden this spider man chair, and he loves it, he wouldnt let anyone sit in it for while after we got it. he makes me laugh so much by the funny things he does. i def. think he is a stud.
HE is learning so many new words everyday, SUck as.....B(V)accum,chair, clock, pooh, piglet,milk,baby,bike, but of course mommy is his favorite!! I love my little kaden, i wish i could pause him and keep him little forever. he is learning and growing so fast!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Taylor Ann Wood!

Taylor was born on October 15,2007. she is are little butter ball, she smiles all the time, you just got to love her. we are so blessed to have her here. she is rolling over and laughing, i am hoping soon she will learn to hold her bottle and sit up by herself, that will give mommy and daddy a little break!

Happy HAPPY Easter!!

So kaden wasnt really into the whole decorating Eggs, he colored this one egg and he was done. i dont know if it's just the BOY in him or if he is still young and not into it. i think i was into it more than him. I had fun!!

Jeremy and Amanda

Jeremy and I met just a few days after i had moved to Thather to go to school. He stole my heart(wasnt easy) and 6 months later we were married, in St. David. Feburary 28 of 2006 is when jeremy and got sealed for TIME and ALL ETERNTY, in the Mesa Temple. We have been married for 3 and half years now and have two beautiful children, Kaden and Taylor!! We are just trying to enjoy life, and spend as much time together as a family!