Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nothing really NEW!!

So i havent made a post latley because nothing to exciting has been happening are way. So just a few new things that arent THAT exciting to post about are, but i will anyways

Jeremy and i finally made it to the Temple this last weekend. we havent been able to find the time to go in SO long it seems. i love going to the temple with jeremy, we grow closer together and we understand each other better each time we go.

I hosted my first "saladmaster" party, and i got a salad master. SO FREAKING exciting! thanks Holli, Cori, and brianna!

Jeremy has been slow at work, and it is DRIVING us both crazy. i dont know if any of you feel the same way, but I LOVE my husband, but i like when he is gone during the day, so i can clean, and do stuff for my self. I love an occasional day off. but when he is home, i just sit and i dont feel like doing anything.

ive been making bows for my little neices and i am going to start making some for my little taylor. So cute!

I know i know, i still havent read all of "Breaking Dawn" im so excited to, but when do i have time.

anyways, noting TO exciting over this way! i will def post when something exciting comes along!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Taylor Ann

My little Taylor, she is 10 months now, she is starting to walk around furniture! i dont know if i am ready for her to walk yet?? ( she looks funny because she still had her eye infection!)


OK! So for the past 3 weeks have been SO miserable in are house hold. We have had this horrible eye infection. First my brother and sister and law and there little girl had it. I stayed clear away from there house, hopeing i wouldnt get it. LUCKY me!! i got it! i had it for 2 weeks i felt so miserable, so ache, and a BLAZING headache. So my eye was finally starting to set better and i got it in the other eye. So then i got all better and my Poor little Taylor got it. i felt so sorry for her. she would just sit and Cry. So long days just sitting holding her, and trying to entertain Kaden. Kaden hasnt got it yet and im hopeing he doesnt. So Taylor is finally all better, and now Poor Jeremy has it now, and my sister n law has it again. So this is what are little family has been up to for the last few weeks, JUST being Sick!

OH and what made me SO mad, is the 4th Twight book came out and im barley into it, because i couldnt read, i was so SAD. So ive been trying to stay clear of ppl blogs that have posted about the fourth book, so you dont ruin it for me. So hopefully within the next few days i will have it read.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Im FINE just the way i am!

So i think 4 pounds was good......LOL! i feel good now, my clothes fit, and i feel GREAT!!!