Sunday, May 4, 2008

To Good Friends!!

So latley i have trying to take some things out of my life that just bring hectic and stress. LIKE bad friends........i think i am a pretty good friend i would do anything for my friends if i could, but there is no need for me to stress about trying to be friends with ppl that dont care to try to be friends with me,( which stinks for them, because i am AWESOME)lol
jeremy says that i am to nice, and i know that, but i try to help out friends as much as i can. SO lately have just been pondering about that. So cheers to Good friends!! these three girls have been there for me my whole life.........
cheri was my first BEST FRIEND: she was my friend when we were real little and no one wanted to hang out with me because i wasnt MORMON!! (there going to hell) jk!!
Ladawn was my buddy in High school. we were so DORKY together, and still are when we get together. We knew that when we got together we were gonna have fun! im sad you live so far away!!;(
Brianna, i have to give a shout out to this GIRL, I love her to high school she was my second family. we have always been good friends. When my mom died, she was the only person that came over to see me,nobody else even called. i just love her to death, and i am glad i have such a great friend, AND she only lives a few mins away!! good friends!!!
"Friends are like Bras: close to your heart and there for support"

Saturday, May 3, 2008

BYE BYE bottle!!

So it has been long over due, i always swore to myself, that my child would never be walking and drinking out of a bottle. SO heres Kaden going on the big TWO in June, and he was still taking a bottle. UGH!!! so finally i buckled down and i stopped giving him one, it was real tough. nap time and bed time was a nightmare, but everyday he asked for less and less. NOw he say's BABBA, YUCKY, and im like thats right, YUCKY!!! It was well worth it, now my kids doesn't look retarded walking around with a bottle in his mouth.

A day out of the HEAT!!

So jeremy has been wanting to go up to the mountain for awhile now MAINLY to get out of the heat, BUT also to spend some family time. he works so hard during the week that he is to tired to do anything. SO it was fun just being out side, and being with are family. jeremy and kaden looked for lizard the whole time. kaden thought it was awesome, (so did jeremy) jeremy loves lizards, ME on the other hand, EWWw!! So we just played in the creek, ate lunch and hung out. kaden sure was tired on the way home, right when we got in the truck, he went right to sleep!! It was a wonderful DAY!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Ok! SO this is the story.......Kaden is a pretty hyper kid, and it doesnt help that he trips over nothing. So we were chasing him around the house the other day, and he was running in the kitchen and hitting are back door, and running back. Well the last time he did, he tripped (on nothing) and feel right into are back door window. MAN that had to hurt, poor guy. He got up, Laughed, and ran away. i felt so sorry for him, he didnt seem to mind. SO we kept him up for about 2 hour just in case something was wrong. Everything was fine, still being CRAZY Kaden and still falling over nothing.

I love my little kaden!!