Thursday, July 24, 2008

What we have been up to for the last couple weeks!!

Kaden & I at the Parade Kaden and i again!
Kaden LOVEd the Hourses and the Big "twucks" & Trator
oh my word, Everything that came by kaden was Like "whats that"whats that" so i preferred him sitting on Jeremys lap so he could anwser all Kadens questions!
Taylor all bundled up while it was raining, i was just glad she slept through it all!
Kaden went and covered himself up when it was raining, it was cute!

i was so excited for are little mormon holiday that we have here in Thatcher, but the RAIN rueined it. It sprinkled a little during that parade, BUt nothing we couldnt handle. Then it just kept raining on and off. we even saw a feild mouse, it was descusting. Kaden loved the rain, he kept yelling, "its raining" my poor mother n law literally stood in line for and hour to get popcorn, and we didnt even stay long enough to eat any. Yes, finally it just started to poor, and we left. Some ppl stayed. So righteous!
Kaden what is growing on your tummie?
So i heard Kaden in the Kitchen the other day, and i thought he was just playing with some toys. In was in there for awhile, so i went to go see what he was doing. He was poor the chocalote syrup onto the floor so he could suck it up. Crazy boy!

Happy Birthday to Me!!
My new entertainment center. we like to lock Kaden in there.
My new Kitchen Table, which i love.
my excuse for not cooking before was that we didnt have a table to eat at. So now i guess i have to cook now.

So Jeremy was gone all last week, he went with the Young Men to go hiking for 5 days. So my neices came over to pass the time. They love when i do there nails, hair or put makeup on them. Alex and Livi are more of pretty pretty girls, so i did there make-up pretty! Madison is the only one that would let me do CRazy makeup. it isnt even Crazy, it is just plain FREAKY!! i was laughing so hard. She thought it was funny also.

Jeremy and at the River shooting!

Jeremy is a talented photgrahor, he got a pic of me right when the gun back fired, (it only took him like 10 tries)
Jeremy shooting at the River!!

It was nice to go by are self with are little family to go shooting. It was so fun, and Jeremy thought i was halerious shooting. we even did a little four bying and Kaden laughed so hard.

Anyways, those are somethings we have been up to for the last few weeks!!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Sooo my Mother n law and my two sister n law have read these Twilght books. ALways talking about how wonderfully romantic they are. BLAH BLAH!

So finally i decided to read them so i could get in on the conversations they have about Edward and Bella. ANYWAYS, so i read the first one and all i have to say is,

IM IN LOVE!! i love these books, i read the first, and now i started the second one but im trying not to neglect my kids as i did reading the first one. So it is taking me a little longer. I Cant wait until the 4th one comes out. All the girls in my family already bought it and we are going at Midnight to the book store to pick them up and plan on reading all night. LOl. you probley thinking im so dumb, unless you have read the book.

: the other day i asked Jeremy if i could call him Edward, just one time while i kiss him. LOl. HAha! anyways, i enjoy these books and if you havent read them, you def. should.
Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Duck Ponds!

Me and my baby!

Kaden and Riley!
who ever thought Ducks would like Corn Flakes!

So me and my kids went with my friend Jayme and her two boys to the Duck pond over by the fair grounds. It was a perfect day to go and play and feed the ducks. My grandma brought down like 7 loafs of hotdog bun(i dont know what she was thinking i could use all those for) so we decided to feed them to the ducks. So thank you grandma, it was fun.:) so when we were done with the buns we resorted to the Corn flakes. THe ducks loved them! Lol. So then we went over to this little park and Kaden swong and played on the slide. It was a nice day to get out and have some fun! Thanks Jayme!

Happy 4th!

me and my scruffy hubby! He was sick this weekend, but
still came to all the events(what a trooper)
This is Kaden SO excited the
trucks are comeing!
Kaden and I at lunch with the
family and some freinds(hi titan)
Kaden at the Parade, HE LOVED LOVED
the big trucks!

My little Taylor Ann on the Fourth!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Baby is TWO!!

Happy Birthday to my Baby Kaden. It feel like we just had him and now he is Two years old. Jeremy and i have loved having Kaden around. He is constantly running around and making us laugh. Kaden is so curious to learn and i love watching him try new things. For his birthday we just had some friends and some family over and had a little party for Kaden. HE got so much stuff(which i have no where to put in are little apt.) He was a lucky boy on his birthday...he got alot of Trains and train sets, tractors, trucks, helicopters, and his little mickey mouse. Kaden can bascially talk and if he doesnt know what it is he says"whats that" whats that" until he can say it. MAN does that get old after awhile. He is adorable when he talks. Also Jeremy and i were debating if we wanted to get Kaden a Toddler bed, because then he would have access to just get out of bed when ever he wanted, and the early morning sleep inns would be gone. BUY we decided to give it a shot. HE is actually doing really good. This morning i woke up to Kaden and Taylor laughing. Taylor was in her crib and Kaden was just playing with toys. IT was great. well anyways, enought of jabbling......Happy Birthday Kaden!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Doesnt get any better than, Slip and slide, sprinkler,and swimming Pool!!


Slip and slide, go Kaden go!
My little bikini babe!
Mommy and Taylor!
Kaden running through the sprinklers with cousins Kloey and abby!
Taylor LOVED the pool!
Kaden trying to hit Taylor for crawling on him.
Taylor trying to crawl on Kaden!