Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Satin Flower tuTorial!

STEP 1: i layered the satin 3 times. Used a bowl that was about 5 1/2 inches and cut around it to make 3 circles!

there is 4 circles in this picture, but you only need 3

STEP 2: cut slits around circle

STEP 3 : cut off tips of each petal. FYI none of this has to be perfect because when you burn it you wont even tell!

STEP 4: now you are going to burn each petal. you will want to curve it like it petal and burn arount the edge. I used a lighter, but you could also use a candle.

this is what it will look like when they are all burned. if it catches fire, you can snip it off and burn it again. i liked the way they looked burnt so i kept it!

STEP 5 : take a piece of tulle the width of your flower. Tie it in a knot, take a second peice of tulle and then tie it in a knot around the first knotted piece, to make it look like this!

STEP 6 : Hot glue it to your petal!


REPEAT STEPS 4 & 5 to make it look like the picture below. Also for this step i tied a third peice of tulle to make it even fuller!

STEP 6: Cut 4 petal apart from the base

STEP 7: glue them randomly like so!

STEP 8: you will make another tulle Knot like you did in STEP 5
STEP 8: bunch it so you can put a drop of hot glue on the knot!

STEP 9: glue it to the whole flower. after everything was glued on i went around and trimmed all the tulle to make it shaped like a flower!

STEP 10: i cut out to pieces of felt. glued one to the bottom of the flower, attached my alligator clip & a pin! Then i glued the other peice of flet inbetween the clip and pin to secure it!

My model was sleeping so you get me!!

I think they turned out so cute, you can wear them in your hair, on jewlery or clothes! i hope you understand everything, this is my first tutorial. im not too good at explaining how i do things. Let me know how i did!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Running for resolutions!

Jayme, ME, and Bethany
Every Year i have the same Resolutions, exercise, eat right, loose weight, be more active in everything...blah blah etc....
So this year i had a few new ones, to start running marathons, 5k, 10k, half and then a crazy full 26.2 full Marathon! Honesty who would ever want to run 26 plus miles...i guess i do....So this weekend i accomplished the first step, i ran my first 5k in 28 mins. i have no idea if that's good, but i wasn't "racing" i was there to cross the finish line on my own 2 feet. So here i come 10K......

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Craft Blog!!

I havent post in forever! Sorry! Here are a few pictures of Taylor in a dress i made her! I started a Craft Blog. So that is what occupies most of my time. YOu should stop by it some time...its fun!....http://dejavucrafts.blogspot.com/

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Going Private!

Going private...leave your email if you want to veiw my blog!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ive been M.I.A

Isnt is annoying when you look at ppl's blog and they havent up dated in FOREVER....im sure that is how you all feel about mine. Im sure no one even looks anymore! HA...i have just been busy busy with every day life.
So instead of bloging about forever ago i will just do NOW
Also one of my new years resolutions was to start a Craft blog...SO i started YEsterday,.....WOot Woot...Check it out...Become a follower....dejavucrafts.blogspot.com

Monday, November 2, 2009

All in One!!

Photobucket So a few wks ago we took Taylor and Kaden to the Dentist. They are 3 and 2 yrs old and they have never been before. We new Taylors teeth were back cause they were practically decaying away. Kaden was a trooper and he had no cavities and his teeth are perfectly straight. LUCKY! NOt so much for Taylor. She had tooth decay on all four of her top teeth, and 2 on the bottom. That was inculding 3 or 4 more cavities that she had. So in order for them to Fix her teeth to make them look NOrmal ( ill have to post before and after pics) we had to go to mesa so they could just put her completly to sleep to fix all her teeth. It took them about 3 hrs, we didnt want to just leave her there during the surgery, SO Jeremy went and got take out, they had the little bouncey bed that we laid on, and watched a movie for two hours. It was like a little Date. So we kinda poked at Taylor while she was DEAD out. Jeremy kept saying she looks DEAD! i told him to STOP saying that. All is well though and now here teeth are beautiful!

MY baby girl is TWO! we had her party a few wks ago, and she actually turned 2 back on OCtober 15. Im a slacker at this blogging thing these days! We got to have it are new home which was nice, because a ton of ppl ended up comeing. I couldnt imagine all those ppl in are little appt. Taylor was like Bring on the presents. she would open one and we kept getting handed more and more. She was def spoiled!

Photobucket So most of you will think this is MEAN and NAsty! Jeremy Killed this Bobcat when he was out Bear Hunting. HONestly who goes bear hunting...I KNOW! He wanted to skin it but by the time he got home it was to stiff. SO he cut off the head and i dont know what he is going to do with it. IT is in are freezer and it even made the move to are new hom with us!

We went to Disney on Ice on October 17, It was fun! My kids are slacking and they hadent ever seen the little mermaid, or the Lion King, So those parts where gay to them. Kaden ultimatley LOVed all the Cars in the Show. Taylor like Tinkerbell. Jeremy was a trooper for comeing with!



So there is No Halloween Pictures for Use this Year. We were All DEAD sick. We all had Influenza A. We were all in the hospital at some point this wk besides Kaden and Brenlee and i even ended up staying in the hospital one night! On Halloween trick or treaters kept comeing to are door. SO finally we put a note on the Door " SWINE FLU" that kept them away! lol. IM sad but hopefully we will have next year. We are all getting better, im still a little worn and tired, but we are all getting better.
Anyways there you go ppl. this post took for FOREVER!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

were MOVING!!!!

the Hunt is over and we have found a house to rent. Im in love with it and ive been waiting for this day for a long time. We have out grown are apartment by two children. We are packing tonight and moving tomorrow. We arnt moving far.....dont worry, just to Thatcher. If i didnt live so close to neighbors i would scream im so excited. We have alot going on this weekend and next week, so i dont know how were are going to do it. BUT wish us luck. I have alot of pictures to post and when i get time i will do it. YAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!~~

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Miscarriage Awarness day OCtober 15


Tomorrow is Miscarriage awarness day. October 15, this Video made me cry.
I have never experienced such a loss, but i have a few dear friends that have. I will be lighting my candle tomorrow and thinking of you guys.

Pray for Halli Wood

Halli is Jeremy's Cousin's daughter. i have only met her once, she is the CUTest, sweetest girl ever. Her story is below and you should def. read it, she was air lifted to Phoenix Childrens Hospital today because she wasnt able to fight off the influenza type A. Please Pray for this sweet little girl.
you can see pictures of Cute Halli hear and also make donations to help with the travel expenses!

Halli, age 9, enjoyed this summer in Snowflake with her 3 brothers (Cody, Wacey, and Brenley) and 1 sister (Kyri). They are involved in sports (including rodeo) and Halli rode calves, went gigging frogs with her brothers, and did all the fun things kids are supposed to be able to do during the summer. Shortly after school started this year, she started having "tummy aches" and when it didn't go away, Keli and Ty took her to the hospital, thinking it might be appendicitis. The hospital in ShowLow transferred her to Phoenix Children's Hospital in Phoenix after the tumor was discovered. Following are some notes that I kept during that time. 8/25 - Halli underwent surgery to remove a malignant ovarian tumor at Phoenix Children's Hospital. The doctors only had to remove one ovary and said it had not spread to other organs, but since it was so large and attached to the lining of her stomach, uterus, and pelvis, she would need to have chemotherapy. She would have to remain in the hospital until she had healed partially from the surgery before she could begin chemo treatments. Expected number of treatments were not known yet, but could be for 6 months.9/1 - Halli had surgery to insert a port through which she would receive her chemo treatments.9/2 - Started her first chemo treatment which would be done over a period of 3-4 days. 9/4 - This evening Halli had an allergic reaction to one of the meds she was given and had some major complications that caused her to have difficulty breathing, be very confused and not even know who her mom was. During the night and over the next day, Halli was completely out of it, so they decided to do an MRI on Sunday to make sure the cancer had not spread to the central nervous system/brain.9/6 - MRI was clear. However, that morning Halli still wasn't really herself either, but was getting better toward evening. HOWEVER, by now she was having major nausea and vomiting as well as other symptoms of chemo meds that we had been told about. Seemed to me that she had them ALL at the same time.9/7 - Since Halli had experienced a very serious allergic reaction, the doctor told Keli they wanted to do an EEG, but couldn't do it on a holiday, so they would schedule it for Tuesday. The reason for this was that they wanted to be sure she hadn't experienced a mini stroke or seizures.9/8 - This morning Halli wasn't nauseated for the first time since she started the chemo treatment and she ate a very good breakfast of french toast sticks. They did the EEG this morning and Halli handled it well. After she got back to her room, she requested a ham sandwich and carrot and celery sticks for lunch. The doctor says the EEG shows some irregular brain waves from the chemo, but they believe it will be temporary. She will need to follow up with a neurologist for more tests as time goes one. That evening they discharged her, but since it was so late by the time of discharge, they stayed at Ronald McDonald House that night.9/9 - Mom, Dad and Halli arrived home in Snowflake around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon to the joy of her brothers and sister and extended family members. Halli has to return to Phoenix Children's Hospital every 21 days for 3-4 days of chemotherapy treatments. This is a difficult time for all of them. Halli is handling it like a little trooper and I'm confident that the Lord will take care of her. Thanks for your prayers and kindness.Betty Sue Conway (Keli's Aunt)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Livin the Crazy life!!

I'm waiting and waiting for things to Calm down.......and now I'm beginning to think this is how our life is going to be C r A ZZZZZY!

This is how the day goes for me when Jeremy is at work

Morning: 6:30 Am, Ive already been awake since 5:30 feeding brenlee and i hear Kaden start to wake up.....PLEASE PLEASE go back to bed I'm thinking....but that wish never comes true. We all get up, I'm trying to get them all fed, juice, diapers, dressed, while i eat and try to get myself ready....sounds so smooth doesn't it......Not so much!

Maybe if I'm feeling energetic i will take them all three some where by myself, but that all includes, snacks, making sure brenlee is feed, paci, diaper, extra clothes and blanket, juices, as well as getting myself ready and sometimes i have to redress cause i have feces on me or barf. YUCK!! and getting them all out the door, and then getting them in the truck, this process sometimes takes well over and hour. This rarely ever happens, we dont venture away by are self's to much!

Lunch: I'm getting really excited about this time, because i know nap time is coming up soon.......and i get to breath for a moment!!! So this time normally goes smooth unless we are all tired and brenlee needs to be fed when Kaden and Taylor are starving and restless! So while they nap i wish i time to do the things that i want to do, but its vacuuming, laundry, dish,putting laundry away( which never happens) -Jeremy asks me every morning where his clothes are cause there rarely hanging in the closet these day.....i say there over there in the corner.....at least there clean babe!! sweeping and moping, and i might JUST might have a few mins to take a little nap!

nap time is over and Daddy is normally home......Kids are really energetic from there nap, so we send them to grandma's house and Jeremy and i can have some time to talk and have a normal Conversation......Until grandma brings them home.... i might go for a run or walk.....but who has the energy to do that......SO ya!

It's just crazy from here on out, dinner, bath time, bed time ritual, cleaning up from the Crazy day....finally bed time 7:30...........

Then i realize i need to go to walmart because we have no more diapers or milk....ugh.....then i realize i haven't showered in....... i dont know how many days........i want to have a few min. to myself......but i think ill just go to bed because brenlee is going to wake up soon for another feeding! and I'm exhausted.....

I think I'm slowly getting in the groove of things, i just have to realize this is how life is going to be for awhile! Some days i feel super overwhelmed and i become a mean MOM! I know I'm a good, fun mom, but i do have 3 small children, and it is hard and def over whelming.
We have been really busy this past month and in the next few weeks it is going to get more CRAZY! We just have alot going on..........

And good news......We are on the prowl for a new home......We love this little apartment, but we have out grown it by 2 children, So we are looking for a nice place to call are home......Im excited and i ll keep you updated!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

halloween crafts to DO this week!!

All of these are located in my "Things i want to make list" at the bottom of my blog! i hope you think these are as cute as i do........happy crafting!!

* Halloween Wreath.....so CUTE!
*Over at "thats so Cuegly" has a tutorial for "No sew pumkins" SO adorable if you get some cute fabric and ribbon.
*Over at Womans day they have a cute black cat pillow tutorial
*over at Readers Digest they have a tutorial for Halloween Mummy Heads
*over at "the long thread" they have a tutorial for Halloween Ribbon Wreath
*over at womans day they have a tutorial for Halloween Skull plate OR any fabric you want
*Halloween Yard sign which im going to use with my Halloween dead tree
*come sit for a spell board
*also over at thats so cuegly there are some cute haunted birdie houses
*over at allfreecrafts.com there is tutoral for jolly golly pumkin doll

Friday, September 18, 2009

loosing the BABY fat!

steak, cookies, cake, candy, soda, chocolate, pbj, potatoes, chips, hotdogs.......etc.....
that is what i have been eating for the past 9 months. im suprised Brenlee didnt come out looking like a sumo. i wasnt a healthiest eater with this pregnancy.....and can honestly say i didnt work out ONCE! SOooo now what......i want to loose the weight FAST, but in a healthy way...i only have 10 more pounds before MOST of my clothes fit, but im shooting for a REDICULOUS #. i want to weigh 120. I know most of you will think that is C R A ZY!! That is my goal! After Taylor i got down to 128, and i think 120 would be just right......

SO i need your help.......i cant go to the gym, but i enjoy running ***so i will probley just start running in a few weeks after im 6 weeks post partum.
So do you have any ideas, Work out videos that have worked for you! any meal ideas, Or just any words of encouragement. OR does anyone want to loose a few pounds with me!!!

Wish me LUCK!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cute little Brenlee

I took this picture of Brenlee today. She is growing so fast, it makes me sad! I feel so blessed to have her. I just think she is the cutest thing!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brenlee Raylyn Wood

This is the only picture we took before we had her. Im in NO pain in this picture, but a little large.
We are so excited to have Brenlee here. She is so Stinkin CUTE and i cant get enough of her. i just want to squeeze her every second. She is a really good baby and we are adjusting to life with three kids pretty good.............so far!!!!

Brenlee at the Hospital. i love when there all snuggled up. 7 lbs 4 0z 18 1/2 inches long

2nd day old. im really pumped with fluid......i love hospital pictures. i cant beleive im posting these pictures!
Close up of her cute little face.

Me and my baby. i love how alert they are right after there born, its crazy!!

The three of us right after she was born. i was seriously druged up and really was out of it. As you can def tell in this picture!

Basically is was a PIECE of cake! Ill make along story short!
We went into the hospital at 7 in the morning. They started me on antibiaotics for having GBS, and they gave me stuff to soften my cervix. i was only dilated to a 2, WOOO hooo! The antibiotics were going to take atleast 12 hours( SO ANNOYING BTW) So i sat there all day, kept giving me medicine for GBS, and to soften my cervix. SO at 5 pm, i was dilated to a 3, so i got my epidural, and they started me on pitocin*. i seriously didnt feel the epidural at all. It was great! So at 7:40 the doc came in, and i was dilated to a 10, he broke my water, i pushed 2 little pushes and i had her at 7:50. It was nice and easy! There was an hour were i thought i was dieing, and i was only dilated to a 3, i can ONLY imagine if there was NO such thing as epidurals!!
SO enjoy the pictures! We are all doing Gooooood, and i feel like a totally different person. i felt G R E AT!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

I cant beleive we are going to have are baby tomorrow! We are going to be a family of 5, C R A Z Y! We are really excited and i have no idea how much more crazy life is going to be! We will update when we are up to it......:) WIsh us luck!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

OH yeah! 6 more days!

i dont think i have ever been this EXCITED about anything ! These last 9 months for me have been Exhausting, challenging, Mind boggling, painfull and mentally challenging! I know i have "Easy" pregnancies, but add 2 little kids ( 2 1/2 and a 1 1/2 years old) and in the dead of summer in Az. IT was Horrible! i have had alot of help, but havent enjoyed this pregnancy at ALL!

We have got mostly everything ready for her to come, but a few little washing and cleaning to do, SO for the next week im going to "try" to enjoy my large self, spend time with my kids, and husband, and make a few fun crafts with friends!

I CAN NOT wait to be induced next Saturday, ONly 6 more days! i just want to cry thinking about it!

WISH me luck!

Monday, August 24, 2009

12 more days!

Sept 5 it is!

Im going to be induced a week early. i had a doc appt today, and i tryed to talk doctor Tran into inducing me before he leaves, but he will be gone all the week before, So no can do! Dr. H it is! im already cringing at the thought of him checking to see if im dilated next week. Dr. Tran said if i dont like him next week then i can wait until Monday for when he gets back. It really works out for are family if we do it on Saturday (sept 5), everyone has off for labor day, which means alot of help! OH freakin well, im just excited to have my baby!

Sorry no picture this week, im sure you are all disappointed, you wanted to see my fat belly, i am gaining 2lbs a week.......good thing i only have 12 MORE days!

So much to do, and absolutley no energy or time to do any of it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

i see the END!

fat belly!

me and the fat belly!

36 wks down and (2 days)!
i had my 36 wk check up today.........was dreading getting checked to see if i was dilated. It is so embarrassing being huge and pregnant and having to be checked every week for the last few weeks of your pregnancy. Come to find out Dr. Tran doesn't check you until you are 38 wks. I was so glad and also i didn't have to be checked for the group B strep, since i had it with both of my other kids, they will just treat me for it.
So here is were it gets good........LIfe has been HARD for the past 36 wks (and 2 days) With being pregnant and everything that comes with that, taking care of 2 other kids 2 and 1 year old, being pregnant in the DEAD of summer, living in this Small apartment (very grateful), and Jeremy not knowing if he is going to have any work. We have definitely had a trying year, but we have learned alot and grew very close together. So it seems like for the past few weeks i have been trying to get everything ready for this baby to come, and it is taking FOREVER. LIFE is just so crazy and busy and there is NO time. I have been stressing about when this baby is going to come. So.....
today i told Dr. Tran that i want this baby out ASAP! i had to be induced with Kaden and Taylor and i see the same thing happening with this baby. SO he said that he would induce me a week early. IM so excited i could cry. One less week being pregnant. So the day is Sept. 5. It is Labor day week end, SO we will have alot of help with Kaden and Taylor and i hope everything goes smooth. The only down side is......Dr. Tran is going to be out of town, so it will be "DR. Harrison" I feel more comfortable with Dr. Tran because i liked how everything went with Taylor's delivery, and Dr. H, kinda creeps me out. SO i could wait until that Monday, and Dr. Tran will be back, but 2 more days is a million years to me right now. 19 more days!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wood ReUnion and 24th of JUly!

Here are a few pictures from the 24th Celebration. i don't know what my problem is, put I'm anti taking pictures right now. Ill get over it. BUT we just did all the festivities in the Gila Valley. It was fun!

Wood ReUnion
This past weekend we went up to Greer for a family Reunion!It was so beautiful there, and it was so nice to get out of the HEAT! Besides, being HUGE and pregnant, and so uncomfomfortable. IT was So fun! They put up a Zip line for the kids, played volleyball, pinatas, GOOD good food, went to the River and the kids caught fish and played in the FREezing water. I met alot of fun and really nice people. Then we skipped the Eager Rodeo, and went to see Jeremys great Uncles, he let us pick peaches off of his tree, and showed us around the house that Jeremys grandma was raised in. It was a really fun weekend, that we need to do more often.
(My camera was dead, so i only got a few pictures, but my snl took alot for me, so i will post more when i get them, also i noticed that Jeremy's cousins wife posted some on her blog, if you REALLY want to you, you can check them out at http://woodof7.blogspot.com/. Thank you everyone that helped get everything ready, IT was awesome!
We did end up locking Taylor in the Truck, i was freaking out, she didnt know what the heck was going on. We just flagged down a police man and he came and slim jimmed are truck and got it right open. Thank heaven it was only 80 degrees out, or i would of busted the window!