Monday, June 30, 2008

My little Kaden!

Happy Birthday little guy! Kaden just turned 2, CRaZy! ill post all about it some other night, when im not so tired, but i just wanted you all to see how cute he was when he was just a little guy!

The Lake!

So we went to Roper Lake a few days ago, and it was fun. I never go there, but every time i do it is so much fun. Kaden didnt really like it at first, but then he warmed up to it and started splashing and running around. Kaden is so stinkin cute and is in his own little world!

23 lbs " hunk of burnin LOVE!!"

So Taylor is my little Chunk. Everyday i just want to squeeze her to death she is so stinkin cute. Kaden was never this big or chunky some im enjoying the squishy hugs! Love it!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

my BABY has her first teeth, so adorable, BUT man does teething suck!

Is my child the only one??

Kaden is Crazy, he doesnt know how to eat with his hands, he eats everything like this, i have to cut it up into little pieces so he can eat it like an animal! It is halerious tho! i love my little Kaden!
Kaden will be the big two next week and i dont know if i am excited. He is growing up so fast. He is talking so much more, which is so cute by the way. He can repeat everything we say(def have to watch what we say) but he can also,cookie,carrot,grapes,truck,tree,moon,bush,apple juice, milk,cat,dog,slinky,Tay Tay(for taylor).. ect. it is so cute to listen to him speak.

"Horny" Horned Toed

So when Jeremy was little he loved horney toeds and lizards, his mom says he was constantly outside trying to catch them,let me tell you. NOTHING has changed!So jeremy was so excited to show Kaden this horney toed that he caught, BUT kaden wasnt Excited at all. Kaden is like his mommy, I hate bugs, spiders, HORNy toeds, lizards, snakes.....when Kaden sees a bug, he says, EWWwww!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Am i the only one!!

Soooo i hardly ever cook dinner, im i the only one that HATES cooking!?

Poor Jeremy, he never complains or tells me how i need to cook more. started to feel bad because it is always fend for yourself, if he wants something good, he always just grills up some stakes or chicken. i feel bad, and i always say i should cook more, So..... i have made a little goal to make dinner for a week straight!! Jeremy is going to love me 50 times more. Any good meal ideas!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer time!!!

So we have been going to the Safford pool alot latley, and last night we went to the family swim, with my friend Jayme and her little family! It was great, the water is getting warmer as the summer goes by. So this is Kaden and i going down the slide. HE love it, every time we get to the bottom he laughs so hard. I love SUMMER time!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Like Father, LIke son!!

So Kaden loves his Daddy! Everything jeremy does Kaden wants to is so freakin cute. When Jeremy sits in his chair Kaden goes and gets his little spider man chair and comes and sits by him. Everything Jeremy eats, Kaden wants to eat. When Jeremy makes funny noises with his mouth, Kaden has to copy it. Jeremy puts his Keys in his pocket and kinda hanging out, Kaden wants him to help him do the same on his pants. Its so cute, that he learns so much and he wants to be just like Daddy!
Kaden even said, "bye bye daddy, LUv you!!
Ya he has never said that to me.......Jeremy didnt hear him, BUT i swear he said it>

Cheers to a good Weekend!

So Last Weekend Taylor and I went down to SD for there graduation, and also for Rachelle 's baby shower. I had SO much fun. I saw so many of my old friends from HS. Everyone looked so good and so happy with there lives. It was fun to see how ppl change in just a few years after graduating.
Also my BFF from HS chanci came down to AZ. I had so much fun with her, and i hoping she moves back to AZ, so we dont have to just see each other twice a year.
When i got home i was so tried for like 3 days, i was so worn out form going and not as young as i used to be. !!! All in All it was a fun weekend!!

Jeremy wrote this on his hand the other night, i thought it was cute, so i took a pic. He loves me!!

I have a family here on Earth!

I am so Thankfull to Heavenly Father for how my life has turned out. I remember singing the song in primary that goes "i have a family here on Earth...da da da da know the song.. anyways, I couldnt be happier with my little family of Four that i have here on Earth. Im so thankful for the happiness that we share. Im so glad that i get to spend Eternity with them . I couldnt of married anyone better than jeremy NOR married into a better family!

Kaden is SO flippin CUTE!!

SO i guess Kaden thought i was cool because i was laying out, so he wanted to also.
SO i set Kadens little pool up in are backyard the other day so Kaden and his little nieces could swim. Its nice to have it because i cant take both my kids to the pool by myself while Jeremy is working.
Kaden is so funny and he has the cutest little personality!!