Monday, November 2, 2009

All in One!!

Photobucket So a few wks ago we took Taylor and Kaden to the Dentist. They are 3 and 2 yrs old and they have never been before. We new Taylors teeth were back cause they were practically decaying away. Kaden was a trooper and he had no cavities and his teeth are perfectly straight. LUCKY! NOt so much for Taylor. She had tooth decay on all four of her top teeth, and 2 on the bottom. That was inculding 3 or 4 more cavities that she had. So in order for them to Fix her teeth to make them look NOrmal ( ill have to post before and after pics) we had to go to mesa so they could just put her completly to sleep to fix all her teeth. It took them about 3 hrs, we didnt want to just leave her there during the surgery, SO Jeremy went and got take out, they had the little bouncey bed that we laid on, and watched a movie for two hours. It was like a little Date. So we kinda poked at Taylor while she was DEAD out. Jeremy kept saying she looks DEAD! i told him to STOP saying that. All is well though and now here teeth are beautiful!

MY baby girl is TWO! we had her party a few wks ago, and she actually turned 2 back on OCtober 15. Im a slacker at this blogging thing these days! We got to have it are new home which was nice, because a ton of ppl ended up comeing. I couldnt imagine all those ppl in are little appt. Taylor was like Bring on the presents. she would open one and we kept getting handed more and more. She was def spoiled!

Photobucket So most of you will think this is MEAN and NAsty! Jeremy Killed this Bobcat when he was out Bear Hunting. HONestly who goes bear hunting...I KNOW! He wanted to skin it but by the time he got home it was to stiff. SO he cut off the head and i dont know what he is going to do with it. IT is in are freezer and it even made the move to are new hom with us!

We went to Disney on Ice on October 17, It was fun! My kids are slacking and they hadent ever seen the little mermaid, or the Lion King, So those parts where gay to them. Kaden ultimatley LOVed all the Cars in the Show. Taylor like Tinkerbell. Jeremy was a trooper for comeing with!



So there is No Halloween Pictures for Use this Year. We were All DEAD sick. We all had Influenza A. We were all in the hospital at some point this wk besides Kaden and Brenlee and i even ended up staying in the hospital one night! On Halloween trick or treaters kept comeing to are door. SO finally we put a note on the Door " SWINE FLU" that kept them away! lol. IM sad but hopefully we will have next year. We are all getting better, im still a little worn and tired, but we are all getting better.
Anyways there you go ppl. this post took for FOREVER!


Savage Family said...

I was so sad that we couldn't come to Taylors party! Her costume is so adorable! I had no idea that taylor had so many teeth problems! How scarey to have to put her completely out! We you freakin out? I would have been! I know Jeffy has teeth decay! I havn't ever taken him in either! who did you go to? Miss you guys

Terry and Heather Lee said...

Punk!! You didn't even invite us to Taylor's birthday!! Hope you guys are feeling better.

Matt and Chanci Oyler said...

Wow! Lots of stuff. I wanna see your new house! How exciting. So sad about Taylors teeth but it is a way good idea to put her out so she won't be traumatized. Teeth are genetic for sure just hope your other kids get good teeth like Kaden. And yes, that bobcat it gross. It's in your freezer? You are an awesome wife! I am kinda glad matt doesn't like to hunt and stuff. AND the FLU? Seriously, get better! Hugs and kisses to you all.

Kimberly said...

Sounds like things have been cuh-raaazy! I'm glad Taylor now has a beautiful smile and that you are all on the mend after being sick. Cute pictures of Taylor! She looks like such a girlie girl! Lol about the bobcat. Gross. Anyway, loved the update!

Chass said...

Loved the update, I imagine they are few and far between with three kids now. We are having a second and I am really scared at the idea, lol. Out here they told us that we dont need to take Noah to the dentist till he is 3. So it didnt sound like you were a slacker to me :-/. i wanna take Noah to disney on ice so bad, I hope we can go this yr.

Brenna said...

That stinks you were all sick over holloween! blah Hope you are feeling better cause...I'm stopping by to send you an invite to my Twilight Party check out my bloggy blog for more info!! It will prob. be hard to make the trip but it would be fun to gather a couple girls who need a break & come hang! Hope to see ya there! ~b~

AMIT said...

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