Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pray for Halli Wood

Halli is Jeremy's Cousin's daughter. i have only met her once, she is the CUTest, sweetest girl ever. Her story is below and you should def. read it, she was air lifted to Phoenix Childrens Hospital today because she wasnt able to fight off the influenza type A. Please Pray for this sweet little girl.
you can see pictures of Cute Halli hear and also make donations to help with the travel expenses!

Halli, age 9, enjoyed this summer in Snowflake with her 3 brothers (Cody, Wacey, and Brenley) and 1 sister (Kyri). They are involved in sports (including rodeo) and Halli rode calves, went gigging frogs with her brothers, and did all the fun things kids are supposed to be able to do during the summer. Shortly after school started this year, she started having "tummy aches" and when it didn't go away, Keli and Ty took her to the hospital, thinking it might be appendicitis. The hospital in ShowLow transferred her to Phoenix Children's Hospital in Phoenix after the tumor was discovered. Following are some notes that I kept during that time. 8/25 - Halli underwent surgery to remove a malignant ovarian tumor at Phoenix Children's Hospital. The doctors only had to remove one ovary and said it had not spread to other organs, but since it was so large and attached to the lining of her stomach, uterus, and pelvis, she would need to have chemotherapy. She would have to remain in the hospital until she had healed partially from the surgery before she could begin chemo treatments. Expected number of treatments were not known yet, but could be for 6 months.9/1 - Halli had surgery to insert a port through which she would receive her chemo treatments.9/2 - Started her first chemo treatment which would be done over a period of 3-4 days. 9/4 - This evening Halli had an allergic reaction to one of the meds she was given and had some major complications that caused her to have difficulty breathing, be very confused and not even know who her mom was. During the night and over the next day, Halli was completely out of it, so they decided to do an MRI on Sunday to make sure the cancer had not spread to the central nervous system/brain.9/6 - MRI was clear. However, that morning Halli still wasn't really herself either, but was getting better toward evening. HOWEVER, by now she was having major nausea and vomiting as well as other symptoms of chemo meds that we had been told about. Seemed to me that she had them ALL at the same time.9/7 - Since Halli had experienced a very serious allergic reaction, the doctor told Keli they wanted to do an EEG, but couldn't do it on a holiday, so they would schedule it for Tuesday. The reason for this was that they wanted to be sure she hadn't experienced a mini stroke or seizures.9/8 - This morning Halli wasn't nauseated for the first time since she started the chemo treatment and she ate a very good breakfast of french toast sticks. They did the EEG this morning and Halli handled it well. After she got back to her room, she requested a ham sandwich and carrot and celery sticks for lunch. The doctor says the EEG shows some irregular brain waves from the chemo, but they believe it will be temporary. She will need to follow up with a neurologist for more tests as time goes one. That evening they discharged her, but since it was so late by the time of discharge, they stayed at Ronald McDonald House that night.9/9 - Mom, Dad and Halli arrived home in Snowflake around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon to the joy of her brothers and sister and extended family members. Halli has to return to Phoenix Children's Hospital every 21 days for 3-4 days of chemotherapy treatments. This is a difficult time for all of them. Halli is handling it like a little trooper and I'm confident that the Lord will take care of her. Thanks for your prayers and kindness.Betty Sue Conway (Keli's Aunt)


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