Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Livin the Crazy life!!

I'm waiting and waiting for things to Calm down.......and now I'm beginning to think this is how our life is going to be C r A ZZZZZY!

This is how the day goes for me when Jeremy is at work

Morning: 6:30 Am, Ive already been awake since 5:30 feeding brenlee and i hear Kaden start to wake up.....PLEASE PLEASE go back to bed I'm thinking....but that wish never comes true. We all get up, I'm trying to get them all fed, juice, diapers, dressed, while i eat and try to get myself ready....sounds so smooth doesn't it......Not so much!

Maybe if I'm feeling energetic i will take them all three some where by myself, but that all includes, snacks, making sure brenlee is feed, paci, diaper, extra clothes and blanket, juices, as well as getting myself ready and sometimes i have to redress cause i have feces on me or barf. YUCK!! and getting them all out the door, and then getting them in the truck, this process sometimes takes well over and hour. This rarely ever happens, we dont venture away by are self's to much!

Lunch: I'm getting really excited about this time, because i know nap time is coming up soon.......and i get to breath for a moment!!! So this time normally goes smooth unless we are all tired and brenlee needs to be fed when Kaden and Taylor are starving and restless! So while they nap i wish i time to do the things that i want to do, but its vacuuming, laundry, dish,putting laundry away( which never happens) -Jeremy asks me every morning where his clothes are cause there rarely hanging in the closet these day.....i say there over there in the corner.....at least there clean babe!! sweeping and moping, and i might JUST might have a few mins to take a little nap!

nap time is over and Daddy is normally home......Kids are really energetic from there nap, so we send them to grandma's house and Jeremy and i can have some time to talk and have a normal Conversation......Until grandma brings them home.... i might go for a run or walk.....but who has the energy to do that......SO ya!

It's just crazy from here on out, dinner, bath time, bed time ritual, cleaning up from the Crazy day....finally bed time 7:30...........

Then i realize i need to go to walmart because we have no more diapers or milk....ugh.....then i realize i haven't showered in....... i dont know how many days........i want to have a few min. to myself......but i think ill just go to bed because brenlee is going to wake up soon for another feeding! and I'm exhausted.....

I think I'm slowly getting in the groove of things, i just have to realize this is how life is going to be for awhile! Some days i feel super overwhelmed and i become a mean MOM! I know I'm a good, fun mom, but i do have 3 small children, and it is hard and def over whelming.
We have been really busy this past month and in the next few weeks it is going to get more CRAZY! We just have alot going on..........

And good news......We are on the prowl for a new home......We love this little apartment, but we have out grown it by 2 children, So we are looking for a nice place to call are home......Im excited and i ll keep you updated!!


Shepherds said...

Its a crazy life..but its your life!! Post some pics when you get a chance!! :0)

Lindsay said...

:) Just whe you think you have it all figured out......another one comes along to mix things up. Kids....they always keep you guessin'! Sounds like you are doing a GREAT job!

Click Clan said...

You should try to bottle feed once a day! i did this with Stetson and it SAVED MY LIFE. Sometimes you just need some time to breath so you feed with a bottle! EXTRA NICE :) plus sometimes they will take water in the bottle, which is FREE!! Just an idea. It definitely worked for me!

U are doing great! It's overwhelming but satisfying at the same time. CRAZY but TRUE


Candace said...

Oh Amanda....I'm about to embark on the THREE thing and.....I can get really nervous thinking about it!! BUT I'm just banking on my experience adjusting to two kids: YEAH, it is NUTS for a few months but then it DOES get better!! I'm actually surprised you've ventured out with all three already! I didn't attempt that with David until he was 3 or 4 months old.


Kimberly said...

That does sound a wee bit crazy, my friend! I hope you are adjusting well. Your kids are adorable and I know you're such a great mommy. I miss you!