Monday, August 24, 2009

12 more days!

Sept 5 it is!

Im going to be induced a week early. i had a doc appt today, and i tryed to talk doctor Tran into inducing me before he leaves, but he will be gone all the week before, So no can do! Dr. H it is! im already cringing at the thought of him checking to see if im dilated next week. Dr. Tran said if i dont like him next week then i can wait until Monday for when he gets back. It really works out for are family if we do it on Saturday (sept 5), everyone has off for labor day, which means alot of help! OH freakin well, im just excited to have my baby!

Sorry no picture this week, im sure you are all disappointed, you wanted to see my fat belly, i am gaining 2lbs a week.......good thing i only have 12 MORE days!

So much to do, and absolutley no energy or time to do any of it!