Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wood ReUnion and 24th of JUly!

Here are a few pictures from the 24th Celebration. i don't know what my problem is, put I'm anti taking pictures right now. Ill get over it. BUT we just did all the festivities in the Gila Valley. It was fun!

Wood ReUnion
This past weekend we went up to Greer for a family Reunion!It was so beautiful there, and it was so nice to get out of the HEAT! Besides, being HUGE and pregnant, and so uncomfomfortable. IT was So fun! They put up a Zip line for the kids, played volleyball, pinatas, GOOD good food, went to the River and the kids caught fish and played in the FREezing water. I met alot of fun and really nice people. Then we skipped the Eager Rodeo, and went to see Jeremys great Uncles, he let us pick peaches off of his tree, and showed us around the house that Jeremys grandma was raised in. It was a really fun weekend, that we need to do more often.
(My camera was dead, so i only got a few pictures, but my snl took alot for me, so i will post more when i get them, also i noticed that Jeremy's cousins wife posted some on her blog, if you REALLY want to you, you can check them out at Thank you everyone that helped get everything ready, IT was awesome!
We did end up locking Taylor in the Truck, i was freaking out, she didnt know what the heck was going on. We just flagged down a police man and he came and slim jimmed are truck and got it right open. Thank heaven it was only 80 degrees out, or i would of busted the window!


Kimberly said...

35 days to go?!? HOLY FREAK. How ya doin'? You look fab in that 4th of july pic up top! That's horrible that Taylor got locked in! I always worry about that! That would freak me out. Glad Momma Wood didn't have to pull out the big guns and busta window! Hang in there my friend! And you made a comment about wouldn't it be fun if we lived close someday...and the answer is...YES! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

Aaron & Jayme said...

I cannot believe Taylor is so big!!! I miss seeing you guys!! I laughed so hard when I read about you locking her in the truck ONLY because I JUST locked Raelynn in the car a few weeks back and Aaron had to find the spare key and it took him almost 1/2 hour to get to me!