Monday, September 21, 2009

halloween crafts to DO this week!!

All of these are located in my "Things i want to make list" at the bottom of my blog! i hope you think these are as cute as i do........happy crafting!!

* Halloween CUTE!
*Over at "thats so Cuegly" has a tutorial for "No sew pumkins" SO adorable if you get some cute fabric and ribbon.
*Over at Womans day they have a cute black cat pillow tutorial
*over at Readers Digest they have a tutorial for Halloween Mummy Heads
*over at "the long thread" they have a tutorial for Halloween Ribbon Wreath
*over at womans day they have a tutorial for Halloween Skull plate OR any fabric you want
*Halloween Yard sign which im going to use with my Halloween dead tree
*come sit for a spell board
*also over at thats so cuegly there are some cute haunted birdie houses
*over at there is tutoral for jolly golly pumkin doll


Aaron & Jayme said...

I'm starting my Halloween crafts this week. Do you have any time for crafts these days?!

RaCHELLE HuRD said...

sounds fun! i've been wanting to paint the tall (out of logs) pumpkins, you know that come in various heights. they're so cute. i like how your blog name has been "happy halloween" for a year now. hahahahaaa.